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Health Benefits of Garlic, the King of Superfoods

As far back as we know, and further for all we can tell, mankind has utilized vegetables, herbs, and spices in its endeavor to enhance food. Of all the ingredients in all the different cuisines, there is one vegetable that stands alone as King of the Super-Foods and Ruler of the Palate… garlic. Famous for […]

10 Garlic-Flavored Life-Hacks to Spice Up Your Routine

As scrumptious as it is, garlic can be used for much more than culinary aid. Surprisingly, it has a myriad of practical, medicinal, and cosmetic uses that can make life a little easier and safer for your entire household. For example: did you know that putting a slice of garlic between splinter-laiden skin and a […]

Garlic: The Home Grown Difference

The best way to get fresh and organic vegetables is to grow them yourself and, while not as convenient as getting them from a local store, farm, or co-op, it can be a rewarding experience with many advantages. There are some things that you must know about home gardens, specifically about garlic and the cultivation […]

Four Simple Steps for Properly Storing Garlic

Nothing makes a kitchen or pantry smell better than the strong scent of fresh garlic; that is, as long as it’s stored properly. The rotting stench of improperly stored garlic can be enough to bring a grown man to his knees and should be avoided at all costs. Storing your garlic the right way is […]